1. ILM Survery can be found here / results here

2. Insights Overview

Overall, the report is extremely accurate in regards to my working personality. I show good self awareness and many of the statements did not come as a shock. I’m aware of my strengths and weaknesses and actively try to utilise these in the best possible way at work. From my survey, I understand that I am often willing to get involved and help others, which doesn’t allow me to focus on what is important. I need to listen to other’s and understand what they want to achieve. The positive’s are that I have a great knowledge of the business, which is a real value.

Action Centred Leadership

Strengths and Weaknesses

My strengths at work are : Analytical, Responsible and methodical, weighing up all relevant factors before making decisions.

My weaknesses are : Overpowered by extroverts (assertiveness of others), overcautious, difficulty working with others who are less logical and analytical, getting bogged down with detail.

3. SWOT Analysis

Strengths – word in my bond, analytical, consistant principles, diversity
Weaknesses – taking on too many tasks / time management & planning, too reserved, over cautious, bogged down into detail, communication and challenging when required
Opportunities – better leadership skills, communications, proactive (seeing a bigger picture of the task ahead), more strategic and voicing opinion
Threats – extroverted colleagues, my views being challenged, when tasks are not logical, peoples emotions

4/5. Development Needs

Two of the development needs that I’d like to focus on are :
Communication Skills. This will assist me greatly moving forward from being able to purvey my idea’s and opinions in a clear and confident manner.
Time Management / Planning Skills. By having such a diverse role, part of the day to day challenge is trying to focus on key objectives/projects, whilst handing ad-hoc tasks and unplanned challenges. By bettering this skill, it will enable me to be more productive at work and effetively delegate to colleagues.

6. Personal Development Plan

What do I want/need to learn?
Communication Skills
What will I do to achieve this?
Attend the London Toastmasters Public Speaking class
What resources or support will I need?
Allocate time out of work hours to attend
What will my success criteria be?
Build public speaking confidence, deliver briefings/presentations
Target dates for review and completion

What do I want/need to learn?
Time Management and Planning Skills
What will I do to achieve this?
Attending the ILM course – implementing learnings into practive
What resources or support will I need?
Attending the course
What will my success criteria be?
Being able to effectively complete and deliver tasks
Target dates for review and completion