I picked up this lens after hearing the raging reviews of how this 14mm is sharper than its bigger brother Canon 14mm 2.8L. Not only does it cost an eigth of the price, it also has less chromatic aberration issues even wide open.

After many shots with the Samyang, I felt as though I picked up a soft copy. It was impossible to focus anything under 3m using the viewfinder. Even at infinity some of my shots were not sharp.

It took some time to get my head around this lens, but found that using focus peaking on magic lantern made the whole process a lot easier.


With the focus peaking assist on live view, I was able to get sharp wide open shots.


Shooting at f22 for 90s proved to be very sharp as well. I was suprised that with 100% zoom the text was visible on the right.

At £200, this lens comes at a small price. It is a full manual lens with no auto focus or aperture controls through the camera. Therefore shooting at aperture priority is most suitable, letting the camera adjust shutter speed accordingly.

The other down side of this lens is its moustache distortion, which is quite prominent when shooting architecture or landscape containing straight lines. It is quite easily fixed in post process, however if the original photo is shot incorrectly, it can be a pain to remove.

At T3.1 it will be my go to lens to capture aurora photos at my next Iceland trip. At £200, its definitely a lens for the budget landscaper.